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For in the cedula type picture show us that it can not be used maquuillaje, accessories, and anything like that has to be also the shoulders up, the dagos personale as coal, is blood type, and the name complete.

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I live with my thrive and sister, she is 6 years old and also live with her father, and because we really do not not too well

It is the only doll pet to let us get in the house because my mom does not like dogs or cats, just likes birds, and wrist has been living with us one year.

My pet is called wrist, has one year to live Us! her is brown with black parts and the neck is a white pedaso, concientan like that in my house but no one aware if not only my sister and sometimes I because my mom does not want.

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In this photo are my friends called fat evenly and therefore with'm chubby dedes grade 9, and evenly from 6 to 7 but we did together, and because we are now all back together.

What I like to do is watch tv is my hobbies do not like me being on the Internet almost like novels and sometimes I see dolls with my sister.

For I see my future as an independent woman, I would be a woman who depends on a man or my mother ye elected into the military career, I think a very good opportunity for me and my family.

This is where I am going, where I want to make

my future and secure, this race guat me that

it is working with the state's why I like it.

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